Name: Ubiratan Cazetta

Title: Federal Prosecutor

Affiliation: Federal Prosecution Service – State of Pará Office – Ministério Público Federal – MPF



Bio: Ubiratan Cazetta is a Brazilian federal prosecutor since 1996, working at Amazon Region (State of Pará), dealing with environmental issues, traditional peoples, organized crime and international cooperation and dams implementation and their problems.  He is Master in Law in Human Rights (Federal University of Pará).

Name: Angela Livino 

Title: Program Officer and CEO Advisor 

Affiliation: Brazilian Energy Research Office, EPE 



Bio: Angela Livino is an advisor to the CEO at Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (Energy Research Office), she works at EPE since 2005. Prior to that, she was a senior engineer at Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico (National Power System Operator – ONS). She received a PhD in water resources and environmental sciences at the Civil Engineering Program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2015). During her PhD in 2013 she was a Fellow in Sustainability Science Program at Harvard Kennedy School.

Name: Aidee Maria Moser Torquato Luiz

Title: Public Prosecutor (Promotora de Justiça)

Affiliation: State Public Prosecution Service of Rondônia – Ministério Público de Rondônia (MPE-RO)


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Bio: Aidee Maria Moser Torquato Luiz is an attorney in Porto Velho, Rondônia. She has environmental resposibilities in the civil and criminal department. She is also director of the Operational Support Center for the Environment of the  Public Prosecution of Rondonia. She is member of the Brazilian Association of the Public Prosecutors for the Environment – ABRAMPA. Aidee takes part in The Latin American Association of Environmental Prosecutors. She is a PhD student in Political Science in Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – URGS.

Aidee Maria Moser Torquato Luiz, é Promotora de Justiça na Comarca de Porto Velho,  Rondônia, com atribuições na área ambiental (civil e criminal) ; Diretora do Centro de Apoio Operacional do Meio Ambiente do Ministério Público de Rondônia, integrante da Associação Brasileira de Membros do Ministério Público de Meio Ambiente – ABRAMPA; Participa da Associação Latino Americana de Promotores do Meio Ambiente; Doutoranda em Ciências Políticas pela Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul- URGS.

Name: Henrique Paiva de Paula

Title: Program Officer

Affiliation: Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency – ANEEL


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Bio: Henrique is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s in Civil Engineering. He works at the Brazilian Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) since 2008. His current activities at the Agency involve the analysis of hydropower inventory studies, hydropower plant projects and other requests related to electrical energy generation plants.

Name:  Felicio Pontes JR.

Title: Federal Prosecutor

Affiliation: Federal Prosecution Service – Ministério Público Federal – MPF


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Bio: Felicio is a Federal Prosecutor in Brazil and works to defend the rights of the indigenous and other minorities peoples affected by infra-structure projects in Amazon.

Name: Hermani de Moraes Vieira, B.A

Title: Geographer and Program Officer

Affiliation: at Brazilian Energy Research Office / EPE



Bio: Hermani is a geographer graduated at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, worked as a consultant for MMA, ANA and Embrapa under the ProBio, ProAgua and ProTeM programs. Acted as a Geoinformation Coordinator at the Rio de Janeiro State Geological Survey. Currently, is the Environmental Deputy Superintendent at EPE, having been the coordinator of the environmental studies of the hydroelectric inventory of the Branco River basin, Roraima.